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About Camri Dorsey

Camri Dorsey was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska with her twin brother who has Autism. Growing up she never saw book characters that looked like her so she decided to do something about this. Giving her the new title of:

Author and Founder of CMD Publishing

Camri Dorsey

Camri Dorsey's mission is to write and publish high-quality books featuring diverse characters to provide a positive representation for all of our children. These books will foster creativity, connection, and happiness for everyone. 


Prior to her writing career, Camri earned two full-ride academic scholarships for both her Bachelor's degree in Special Education and her Master's degree in Elementary Education at the University of Nebraska. She continued her educational career in Atlanta, Georgia where she currently resides. 

On top of her educational experience, Camri has embarked on a journey of cultivating her own inner peace and happiness in the world around her. Embracing a newfound positive perspective and mindset shift has transformed her life for the better. Her own life experiences inspired her to write her first book Penelope's Perspective. 

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